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How does the waiting list work?

Applicants fill out an application that you can get from the management office or online. If applicant qualifies (62 years of age or older and within income limits), they are placed on the waiting list on the day the application is received. Applicants are contacted annually to remain on the waiting list.

Do you have set-asides for Deerfield residents?

Deerfield residents do not have a preference. HUD eliminated all preferences.

What is the screening process for applications?

Management requires a credit and criminal screening and verification from previous landlord.

Where can I get an application form?

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Applicants may pick up an application at 733 Osterman, Deerfield, IL, call 847-945-3661 to request an application or request an application at deerfieldplace@sbcglobal.net

Do you have units available for seniors with disabilities?

We have wheelchair accessible units available to seniors and handicapped adults 18 years or older (5 units)

Do you allow smoking in your buildings?

One Deerfield Place is a “smoke free building”

Can I have a car? If so, what are the limitations?

Yes, you may have a car. However, we do not have parking spaces available for 98 units. You may park your car elsewhere and get on a list for the next available space. (50 parking spaces)

If I am a resident, can I have pets?

You may have one fur bearing animal, a cat or a small dog (under 35 lbs.). You will be required to pay a $300.00 security deposit. The deposit is refundable when you move if there are no damages. All pets must be registered with the county and are required to get an annual physical from a licensed veterinarian.